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Jiangsu Jinshi Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (JMP) originated from Jinhu Machinery Plant, established in 1960, and commenced the manufacture of wellhead equipment in 1974. Up to now, JMP has over fifty years of experience in manufacturing wellhead equipment. As the pioneer in China for wellhead equipment manufacturing, JMP obtained API 6A certification early in 1995. Since then, JMP has garnered numerous prestigious certifications, including API 16C, API Q1, API 5CT, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, positioning itself as a beacon of quality and innovation in China.
JMP’s product lineup, adhering to API standards, spans high-pressure oil & gas wellhead equipment, choke and kill manifold, control systems for drilling control equipment, and fracturing processes, highlighting its technological prowess and commitment to quality.
Domestically, JMP has set industry benchmarks, notably developing 20000PSI HH PSL4 PR2F level wellhead for the Sinopec Southwest Oil & Gas Branch and supplying over 200 sets of 20000PSI high-pressure wellheads to key industry players like Sinopec and CNPC in last three years. JMP’s contributions to offshore drilling platforms, including providing high-end wellheads such as dual completion wellhead, 3 in 1 sharing conductor wellhead for CNOOC’s branches, underscore its leadership in addressing complex industry challenges.
Internationally, JMP has led the charge in China’s wellhead industry’s large-scale entry into the North American market since 2002. Up to now, JMP’s products have been exported to multiple countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Indonesia, and Algeria. JMP maintains strong partnerships with industry giants like Schlumberger, ROC, Sonatrach, Pertamina, Husky, and OGDCL..
JPT, our Branch company, serves as our Global Sales and R&D Center in Houston. Alongside Houston, we have established three additional Branches in Ohio, Odessa, and Louisiana, housing nearly 30 professional sales and R&D staff and nearly 160,000 SFT of warehouse space.
We have established a subsidiary in Indonesia, PT Petro Synergy Manufacturing, which is positioned to the production of API 6A wellhead and Christmas tree equipment. It boasts a manufacturing base and warehousing center nearly 75,000 SFT.
As a dedicated supplier in the energy sector, JMP is committed to delivering innovative, customized products, technological services, and customer-centric solutions, aiming to meet the long-term needs of our clients and the stringent safety and environmental standards of the oil and gas industry.
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